Extended Play is a series of eternal compositions by Filip Hnízdo. Each is based on a collection of instruments playing five patterns of three seconds each. These patterns (aside from untuned percussion instruments) have been transposed into twelve musical keys and play randomly.

You can pick how many instruments you want to hear at the same time by pressing the play buttons on each EP.

Each button serves the same function but runs independently from the others. They are not mapped to specific instruments so instrument parts can overlap. I hope six is enough.

More EPs will be added in the future. They will all be listed on this one page so you can mix them if you want to.

More information on the project can be found here.

Please note: The audio plays using the Web Audio API so you will need a modern web browser. These are currently limited to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Extended Play One

Drums, clarinet, piano, saxophone, double bass, marimba.

Recorded in April 2015.

Extended Play Two

Bass synthesizer, pad synthesizer, lead synthesiser

Recorded in April 2015.